Emojis are for Everyone😉

I can’t help second guessing myself as I begin this journey. Its not as if I don’t think I’m capable. It is just difficult to decide what to share. As I have gotten OLDER, you know, 29….I have definitely come to the realization that some things matter more than others.

So, I am not worried about offending people or boring people. Well, maybe a little about boring people. However, as I watch my 13 year old daughter and her friends try to learn this thing called life…it is brutal!! I try my best to set a good example. Like this:

Today I was on top of things! I headed for Walmart at 2:15 to get a birthday present for a birthday party that was at 3 o’clock. As I was leaving I turned to my daughter and ask “How is my hair?” I ask her because she tells the truth.

IMG_20151206_102426 (1)

She looks at me funny. I say, “Seriously, on a scale from 1-10” .

She says “5”

I say “Great! That is what I was going for.” She rolls her eyes…

FYI…She also told me that I probably shouldn’t use emoji’s in my blog. It makes me look like a teenager! 😀😨 SWEET!

Here is where I run into problems. I am not a professional. I do not know the exact right answer. I am not sure that there is a right answer. However, I would love to help myself and others find these answers, or at least strategies to make our lives easier. So…as I am discovering and compiling information and topics for you, I will continue to write as often as possible.

I enjoy helping people, I love to make people laugh, I have a degree in early childhood and elementary education, I am a newbie elementary librarian, I love learning and sharing ideas that will help others. It is challenging to decide what people will enjoy and be able to USE!!

I would love some comments and/or advise on what you would like to hear or see. I have also been thinking a lot about all of the AMAZING people that I know and what they would be able to share with me and you! I would love for you to be able to find a variety of information on one site.

I enjoy helping people, however, in all truthfulness, it is usually others that are helping me!! . The proverbial “Chicken with it’s head cut off” describes me as I multitask away. I SOMETIMES get texts like the following. “Kayla…would you like me to bring your child or children home from…” I do not always have time in my day to help others. It is truly my hope that this blog will give me a new avenue to do just that.

It may be something that is ACTUALLY helpful or it may be just the laugh that you need! 😜🙈👍🐮🐙🐲🍹


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